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    Sergio Garzon



Artist Sergio Garzon originally born in Bogota, Colombia lives and works in Honolulu, Hawaii.  His paintings and prints consist of abstract figurative narratives of his memories in Colombia focusing on people, the influence of cultures upon Colombia’s own culture and the politics of history.  The visual contrast of his work comes from living in Colombia during a period of turmoil with Colombia’s two predominant rebel groups, The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN).  His work employs sculpture, video, photography, printmaking, painting, performance and installation, often in unexpected combinations that traverse traditional practice boundaries.  He is best at solving visual puzzles through the manipulation of natural bi-products of fire, earth and light, recycles, and plant matter.  His work also includes numerous performances that explore his imagination through the use of dance, juggling, trapeze, unicycling, tight rope walking, and gymnastics. 

Sergio Garzon is also co-creator of the (501k) non-profit artist co-op Dodekapus and creator of the artist co-op studios Fishmarket in Atlanta Georgia, and Honolulu Hawaii.  He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Printmaking from Savannah College of Art in Atlanta and Rhode Island School of Art and Design, in Providence after becoming the 1st recipient of the Goizueta Foundation Scholarship for the Arts in 2004. The scholarship grants one Latino student full-tuition, living expenses, room and board for the display higher aptitude and passion for the craft.  He has studied under internationally known installation artist Sandy Skoglund and nationally renowned painter Michael David Singer, suculptor Patrick Dougherty, and contemporary printmaker Prawat Lauchroen.  Myriam Farrero has interviewed Sergio Garzon in National Public Radio and was feature in “All Things Considered” radio program summer 2010.

Sergio Garzon is continuing an artist residency through H.A.P.A in Honolulu, Hawaii at the heart of China town.  His current process work explores the evidence of German art expressionist upon his own tribe of the Chibchas in the northern Colombian coast-land.  The need to recreate his native land without returning to Colombia has lead him to the Hawaiian Islands where he rambles on the landscapes of Big Island and Maui.